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Sexual Harassment

Harassing an employee or applicant based their sex is illegal and is prohibited workplace behavior. Sexual harassment ... Read More

Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination occurs when an employee with a disability is treated unfairly based solely on their disability ... Read More

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Sexual orientation discrimination involves an employee being treated poorly based solely on their sexual orientation, ... Read More

Religious Discrimination

Religious discrimination consists of treating an employee or applicant unfairly based solely on their religious ... Read More

Pregnancy Discrimination

Pregnancy discrimination consists of treating a woman who is an employee or applicant unfairly because she is pregnant, ... Read More

Discrimination Lawsuits

No employee wants to have to file a discrimination lawsuit and no employer wants to face one.. Knowing the basics of ... Read More

Age Discrimination

Age discrimination is defined as treating someone, especially an employee, differently based solely on their age. This ... Read More

Sex Discrimination

Sex discrimination is defined as treating someone, especially an employee or applicant, differently based solely on ... Read More

Racial Discrimination

Racial discrimination is defined as treating someone, especially an employee or applicant, differently based solely on ... Read More

Tenant Discrimination Laws

There are several tenant discrimination laws in place that all landlords must follow. Several laws and acts have been ... Read More

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Blog Entries

Equal Pay & Compensation Discrimination
Nov 19/2013 - Federal and state law makes discrimination in every aspect of employment illegal, which includes the issues of pay and ...
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What is the Family and Medical Leave Act?
Nov 5/2013 - The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal law that allows eligible employees to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid ...
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Filing a Wrongful Termination Claim
Oct 21/2013 - A wrongful termination claim is a legal remedy that exists when an individual has lost his or her job for an unlawful ...
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News Updates

Settlement Between Connecticut
Oct 29/2012 - According to the San Francisco Gate, a Connecticut city has reached settlement with U.S. claims over charges on alleged police bias and discrimination or abuses ...
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Discrimination Claim Filed by
Oct 16/2012 - According to The Tennessean, Gallatin City faces a new discrimination claim after the city’s finance director filed a case with the Equal Employment Opportunity ...
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Sarasota County Facing 60
Oct 2/2012 - According to the Herald Tribune, there are 60 pending lawsuits filed against Sarasota County.
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Legal Discrimination Reigning in
Sep 16/2012 - According to The Californian, what matters most to farm workers matters to Salinas, just as equally as concerns over the economic well being of agribusiness ...
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